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Kelty's Outdoor Collection: Tested for years, trusted for life. Experience the excellence of our high-quality gear. Embrace the great outdoors with Kelty's reliable and durable products.

Car camping

Car Camping: Compact gear for nomadic adventures. Explore nature with style and comfort. Discover our car camping collection

Tents and shelters

Discover our Tents and Shelters Collection - Your home away from home in the great outdoors. From cozy camping tents to versatile shelters, find the perfect refuge for your adventures. Embrace nature with confidence and comfort, knowing you have top-quality gear to protect you from the elements. Explore our handpicked selection of tents and shelters, ensuring unforgettable camping experiences for you and your loved ones. Adventure awaits


Camping Cookware Collection: Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our versatile and compact cookware. From campfires to backpacking stoves, our high-quality gear ensures delicious meals on every adventure.